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GAA 4 ALL @ Milltown/Castlemaine

We would like to thank Gearóid (Kerry) and Kate (Cork) at the Kerry and the Cork Recreation and sports partnership for providing their sports inclusion webinar this evening.

Throughout winter our fantastic GAA for ALL team have and will be attending lots of training courses ahead of what we hope a safe return to football in the not too distant future.

Thanks to our organising team Gillian, Stephanie, Marie, Dara and Danny for all the work and we will be ready to go when the go ahead is given. If you want to get involved in any capacity: a coach, helper or anything at all please let me know.

Most of all of you know any children out there in the area that wish to come along for our GAA for All training sessions which will be held on our juvenile training night please spread the word.

Our aim is through the ethos of the charter that we have signed up for below to provide the opportunity to play sport for all. Whether your child has a specific need or if they have never played sport before we would like to welcome anyone who is interested in playing to contact us here on the Facebook page for more information.

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