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Last Man Standing Competition


Hi Everyone,


Milltown-Castlemaine GAA Club are running a ‘Last Man Standing’ competition for the upcoming Premier League season to allow club members show Jose, Jurgen, Ole, Carlo & even Pep how it is done. The concept is very simple, it is a tipping competition based on the English Premier League, where the players have to select one team in each round that you think will win. If your team wins, you will progress to the next round, if your team loses or draws then you are out!


The prize money for the game has been set at €250, with the Last Man Standing making off with the entire pot! Happy tipping everyone.


Please note that all the funds raised from the competition will go towards the development of the new stand at Paddy Burke Memorial Park; so while one person will be left standing alone with the cash, the rest of us will be able to sit, in comfort, in the new stand wishing it was us!


How to Enter:

• Register your interest by sending a text message or WhatsApp message to:

- Gary Murphy (087 943 2746) or 

- Liam Doherty (086 041 3593)


Entry Fee:

• The entry Fee is €10 per person or

• There is also a family option; €20 for three members of the one family who enter together

• Payment can be made in person to any member of the Club Executive or it can be done online via the Club On-line Shop (


Last Man Standing Rules:

1. Select a team to win in the Premier League every week

2. You can select that team only once

3. You must select a different team each week

4. If your selected team draws or loses you are out

5. Entry fee must be fully paid before the first weekcommences to be eligible to win the prize

6. You can buy back into the competition once & only after Week 1 or Week 2

- The buy back in fee is €5 as everyone deserves a second chance if knocked out early

- However in the buy back you can’t reselect any team you previously used

7. All team selections must be entered before 19:00 on the day before the next round of Premier League fixtures (i.e. Friday for the weekend fixtures or Monday for mid-week fixtures)

8. It is your responsibility to be entered every week

- If an entry is not received in time, you will be assigned the next available team in alphabetical order from that week’s fixture list from your remaining teams

9. In the event that any match involving a team you have selected is postponed or cancelled for any reason, you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for selection.

10. Rounds of fixtures may take place on weekends or mid-week, depending on available fixtures. The Milltown-Castlemaine GAA Club Executive will decide which fixtures are included for each round.

11. Should the Tournament not have reached a conclusion by the end of the 2020/2021 Premier League Season, the prize money will be distributed equally among the remaining contestants.

12. The competition only finished when there is only one person remaining i.e. The Last Man Standing;

 In the event that all remaining players are eliminated in a week; that round will be replayed


Please Note:

• The Milltown-Castlemaine GAA Club Executive reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately on posting of notification of such changes on the web site. Your continued use of this game will constitute acceptance of the rules.

• In the unlikely event of a dispute the decisions of the Club Executive is final.

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