Jamie O'Shea

- 29


- 5 ft 6 & 3/4s - every bit counts 


- Work for Kerry Drains Services


Favourite Position: 
- Corner forward - not as much running as other positions


Least Favoured Position: 
- Midfield, the heights an issue 


Career Honours: 
One All Ireland Intermediate Club Championship, 
One Munster Intermediate Club Champioship, 
One Kerry County Intermediate Championship. 
Three Mid Kerry Senior Championship's. 
Three Mid Kerry Senior League's, 
One County Senior League Division 1, 
One County Senior League Division 2


Have you ever represented Kerry? (If so, give minor details): 
- No

Biggest Influence on Your Career: 
- Family & friends

Most Memorable Sporting Moment: 
- Being part of the squad winning the All Ireland in 2012

Biggest Sporting Disappointment: 
- Losing the Munster Corn Ui Mhuiri with the ISK in 2009


Toughest Opponents You've Faced: 
- Ciaran O'connor

Best Trainer On The Team: 
- Donal Dennehy

Most Stylish Team Mate: 
- Cathal Moriarty with his yellow rain jacket

First Into The Dressing Room: 
- Donal Dennehy


Last Out Of The Dressing Room: 
- Myself and Seamus Dowd


Funniest Teammate: 
- Jerome Flynn


GAA Likes: 
- Friendship and social aspect


GAA Dislikes: 
- Sweeper system

One rule you'd like to see either brought in or scrapped from GAA: 
- Get rids of the marks


Player You Admired Most Growing Up: 
- Damian Murphy and Darragh O'Se

Pre-Match Superstition: 
- Sit in the same seat in dressing room


Favourite Holiday Destination: 
- Boston

Favourite Film: 
- Gladiator

Favourite Band or Musician: 
- The Script


Favourite Food: 
- Lamb


Favourite Social Media App: 
- TikTok

Favourite GAA Venue You've Played In: 
-Fitzgerald's Stadium


Dream Car: 
- Vintage BMW e30


If you owned a racehorse what would you call it? 
- Still in Training

If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be? 
- Rugby World Cup or Formula One

Other Sporting Interests: 
- Soccer, Rugby & Formula One

Something You Don't Know About Me: 
- I lived in Sydney for 2 years

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