Gavin McKenna


- 22

- 5 ft 8


- Business & Accounting Student


Favourite Position: 
- Half forward/back because of the freedom


Least Favoured Position: 
- None


Career Honours: 
- 1 Mid Kerry Championship 
- 2 Mid Kerry Senior League's 
- 1 All Ireland Fresher Championship


Have you ever represented Kerry? (If so, give minor details):
- No


Biggest Influence on Your Career: 
- Family & Friends


Most Memorable Sporting Moment: 
- Playing Senior County Championship with the club


Biggest Sporting Disappointment: 
- U21 County Championship Final


Toughest Opponents You've Faced: 
- Tony Brosnan & Cathal Moriarty


Best Trainer On The Team: 
- Donal Dennehy


Most Stylish Team Mate: 
- N/A


First Into The Dressing Room: 
- Probably myself


Last Out Of The Dressing Room: 
- Jonathan O' Sullivan


Funniest Teammate: 
- David Roche


GAA Likes: 
- Friendships and atmosphere on big games


GAA Dislikes: 
- Sweepers

One rule you'd like to see either brought in or scrapped from GAA: 
- The discipline that’s in rugby towards referees brought in.


Player You Admired Most Growing Up : 
- Kevin McKenna & Paul Galvin


Pre-Match Superstition: 
- None

Favourite Holiday Destination: 
- Tenerife, Spain

Favourite Film: 
- Wolf of Wall Street


Favourite Band or Musician: 
- The Script


Favourite Food: 
- Chicken Stir Fry


Favourite Social Media App: 
- Instagram

Favourite GAA Venue You've Played In: 
- Fitzgerald Stadium


Dream Car: 
- Range Rover

If you owned a racehorse what would you call it? 
- Lightning McQueen

If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be? 
- Champions League Final


Other Sporting Interests: 
- Soccer

Something You Don't Know About Me: 
- I don’t have a preferred kicking foot

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