Cathal Moriarty


Age: 28  

Height: 5.11


Supplies Officer HSE

Favourite Position & Why:
Corner Forward because it’s easier to score and not a lot of running.

Least Favoured Position & Why:
 Wing Forward too much tackling and running.

Career Honours:
 One All Ireland Intermediate, One Co League Div 1, One Co League Div 2, One All Ireland Junior and Four Mid Kerry Championships.

Have you ever represented Kerry? (If so, give minor details):
 Kerry Juniors

Biggest Influence on Your Career:
 Family and Club

Most Memorable Sporting Moment:
 Winning the All Ireland Intermediate

Biggest Sporting Disappointment:
 Losing a few Mid Kerry Finals

Toughest Opponents You've Faced:
 Kevin McKenna and Tom O’ Sullivan

Best Trainer On The Team:
 Donal Dennehy

Most Stylish Team Mate:
 Donal Kelliher

First Into The Dressing Room:
 Not sure because I am not there.

Last Out Of The Dressing Room:
 Jonathan O’Sullivan if it’s raining.

Funniest Teammate:
 Jerome Flynn when he gets going!

GAA Likes:
 Community Spirit

GAA Dislikes:
 Pressure on young players too early.

One rule you'd like to see either brought in or scrapped from GAA:
Get rid of the mark , It slows up the game.

Player You Admired Most Growing Up:
 Ian Twiss and Colm Cooper

Pre-Match Superstition:
- Tell Mike Carroll what I’ll score

Favourite Holiday Destination:
- Boston

Favourite Film:
The Prestige

Favourite Band or Musician:


Favourite Food:
 Burke’s Chicken Curry or my moms Bacon and Cabbage

Favourite Social Media App:

Favourite GAA Venue You've Played In:
Croke Park

Dream Car:
Audi Q3

If you owned a racehorse what would you call it?:
 The horse 

If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be?:
World Cup Final

Other Sporting Interests:
Rugby and Soccer

Something You Don't Know About Me:

 I dislocated my Hip

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